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Married to my first love, Momma of 2 (Mason and Weston). Dog mom to Tippon. North Carolina born but Virginia lover at heart. 

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Washington D.C. Engagement Session | Jennifer & Garrett

May 28, 2021

Oh we have a SHOW STOPPER today! Jennifer and Garrett’s Washington DC Engagement session was everything I could have hoped for! 

When I think about the city I get overwhelmed if I’m being honest, I’m def. a backroad kinda girl and NOT a parallel parking kinda girl LOL. 😂

This is the main reason why I let the thought of cities overwhelm or deter me. I fell in love with D.C. and Jennifer & Garrett and I can’t wait to be back and to see them again. I absolutely loved our time in the city together. The views were incredible and the company was even better.

a session meant to be 

I met Jen at the Lewis Ginter event earlier in the month and instantly knew she was a perfect fit. She told me she had already looked into my schedule and saw that I was booked on their elopement date, and I was SO bummed! But, I quickly was like um wait what’s your date, let’s see if it’s anything that can be moved or worked around because I knew our paths were meant to be.

Low and behold their July 3 elopement date was blocked off but not with anything that would stop me from being apart of their journey THANKFULLY. I’m pretty sure we both let out excited squeals which obviously is another tell tale sign of a perfect match DUH lol.

She instantly shared all of the details and plans with me, their story, everything. If you know me then you know I am ALL about the details so again, instant match!

Washington DC Engagement Session

We planned to photograph the engagement session in the city and as soon as she mentioned the monuments in D.C. I was like UH OH! HAHA. Thankfully, Jen understood and came up with the perfect plan which worked out INCREDIBLY. I’m so grateful.

We walked and toured D.C. and I loved learning about her and Garrett and their families. We laughed a lot which is always a huge plus. Jen and Garrett are classic in style and the epitome of the feeling “home”. They are both so welcoming and caring and instantly you know with them you are cared for, loved, and valued. I giggled at them interacting with one another and enjoyed them teasing saying they never take photos and are awkward (which you know brings gold as I’ve shared before!). Clearly the photos speak for them selves as I am truly obsessed.

They laughed at my “mom jokes” and we even had some innocent fun teasing about some of the tourists and things we saw. I’m pretty sure we saw a time traveling Kanye West that came back from the future and wanted to follow us around.

the best couple

My most favorite thing about the two of them is how they value family. It pours all over their faces when they speak about their loved ones and the importance of their wedding day be fully encased with all things family and enjoying time together in that moment truly taking it all in. This is what it’s all about! Yes all of the pretty things are pretty but the people, the reason… is so much more and I can’t wait to stand with them during their day and capture every moment I know they are going to cherish so much.

Thank you BOTH for converting me to loving the city and feeling brave enough to visit again!

ALSO a HUGE thank you to you both for your patience on “chasing airplanes” and braving the rocks for me. My absolute favorite sets, make sure you scroll to the end so you don’t miss it!

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