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Richmond Engagement Session at Tuckahoe Plantation | AJ & Jamie

May 3, 2021

Get excited for these two and their Richmond Engagement Session at Tuckahoe Plantation!

I had the absolute best time with AJ, Jamie, & their two pups at this picturesque location.

The weather was the absolute perfect scenario and the lighting was the chef’s kiss. I was immediately spoiled with a hug AND a gift of local summer drinks. Honestly the hug was the greatest gift I could ask for. Jamie and I have been chatting so much and for what seems like forever that I felt like I already knew her. We have so many things in common and simply put, I’m drawn to her.

I’ve loved getting to know her heart and finally meeting was just the cherry on top.

As I suspected from photos I’ve seen of the two of them, AJ is completely smitten and it’s the sweetest thing to witness.

We laughed so much and it was funny and humbling to see how they are together in front of the camera. They are just as silly as my husband and I in front of the camera and it’s just perfect. I love a fun couple!

The doggies enjoyed getting to explore and a couple of runs playing fetch. You do what you gotta do to get the shot ya know!?

It was so hard to narrow down “favorites” because each image took me back to their moment and I remember what was said and done which makes me smile all over again.

When you love your people and what you do how can you really pick favorites? I’m glad it’s not my job to narrow down images to use HAHA I am the worst at that which is why my people get so many images in their galleries.

the wedding details

AJ & Jamie will be married this summer at my favorite Venue with my favorite people… Seven Springs. I loved their Richmond engagement session so much, so my heart is bursting with excitement for their wedding day to be here already!

Jamie has kept me involved with pretty much all of the wedding ideas and plans which makes me that much more excited. I can’t wait to see her vision of the day unfold and to meet both of their families and closest friends. These two are incredible and with that means an awesome support system filled with people that love them. I’m honored to be one of those people!

Stay tuned in August for their wedding photos.


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