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Married to my first love, Momma of 2 (Mason and Weston). Dog mom to Tippon. North Carolina born but Virginia lover at heart. 

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Tippon | 6 months new

March 5, 2019

It’s no secret that our new family member Tippon is the baby of the family now. Although as I’ve said before Weston my youngest child will beg to differ. Our whole family has just fallen in love with Tippon and we couldn’t have asked for a better pet. Tippon just turned 6 months but he’s only been with us since November 2018. It was love at first sight with this little boy. After almost a year after Sophie girl passed away I think we were all really missing having a fur baby around. At first we all swore off of any animals for as long as we would live. After about 4 months after Sophie girl passed each of us started to open up about the thought of another dog but we weren’t really ready to just jump in quite yet. Soon both boys started asking when we could get another dog more frequently and Jon and I decided to really consider the thought of another dog.

I think I was on board fully first but Jon followed soon after and as soon as the green light hit for all of us I started researching different breeds and we really talked about what each of us wanted in a dog and what we would be excited for. We soon all agreed upon a Labrador Retriever since we have friends that have the breed or have had them in the past and raved about how great of a family dog they are, very obedient, & smart. Not to mention they love water! Hello!!! We live on a lake so that was a no brainer. The boys were constantly talking about a dog they could float the river with or take down to the lake so they were both so excited when everyone agreed on the breed. I already knew in my mind I wanted a Chocolate Lab so I was just going to make that executive decision haha.

I started researching and searching for Labrador breeders that came highly recommended or that had years of experience with the breed. It was then that I came across information on Silver Labradors. My heart was instantly won over and I knew that was our dog. So I searched for the top breeders for Silver Labradors and searched for available puppies. If you don’t know already, once I have a green light and my mind is set to something I run full charge at it! go big of go home right? I inquired with the few breeders I found but at the time there weren’t any litters planned for Silver Labradors. I did find one breeder out of state that was planning a liter but couldn’t commit to a confirmed time. I told myself that if this didn’t come easy then it was just not our time and we would wait for the right family member to come along. Besides, we had very particular wants in our future family member and perfection can’t be rushed, right!? LOL.

On my last effort to search for our wants I came across Silver Dreams Labradors . I read the page and noticed that the area code looked familiar and knew it had to be at least in our state so I continued reading. THERE HE WAS! The last male Silver Labrador puppy and he was IN our state. I immediately sent a message and impatiently waited. The next morning all of my questions were answered and so much more. was patient with me and very knowledgeable not just about the breed but dogs in general. Then it happened… I got the photos. Cue the heart melting girly dancing with screeches. HE WAS THE ONE.

We wanted to surprise the boys with Tippon so we didn’t get him immediately but his homecoming wasn’t too far behind when I first laid eyes on him. When we had the boys close their eyes for their surprise Mason asked me whose dog it was and Weston just stared in disbelief. After about 2 minutes of the shock setting in the both bounced off the bed and didn’t know what to do with themselves. All three boys have been inseparable since. We really couldn’t have asked for a better support system from Silver Dreams Labradors or for a better dog. Tippon is so smart, patient, loving, playful, and came to use crate trained and almost fully house trained. We are so blessed. I am beyond positive that there will be many posts about our boy to come but for now enjoy his 6 month photos. He’s quite the ham!








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