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5 Ways I Improved My Wedding Detail Photographs & You Can Too

March 7, 2019

There is no denying that wedding details are one of my favorite parts of a wedding day. My couples always mention in the consultation that their favorite images of my photographs are the detail shots. I get as much information from my couples as I can during their planning process and this helps me prepare in more way than one for their wedding day. In knowing what the style, theme, colors, etc. are for my couples wedding day I am able to prepare for their day. This includes preparing for the detail designs or enhancements. Here are a few ways that I improved my wedding detail photographs and you can to.

1. I ask my couples to have all of the details in their own containers set aside and ready for me to photograph upon my arrival. This helps me move quickly in getting the details styled or enhanced and is the start of the day. It also eliminates me or my assistant from having to move from location to location to gather items which means more uninterrupted time for photos.

2. I get a list of details prior to the wedding so that I can send a reminder to my couples in what to include in their detail containers. Along with the details they have for wedding attire I request an invitation suite, anything they would like to include for the detail styling, I request that they check with their floral designer to see if they mind leaving any florals or greenery pieces from the other wedding designs being created for their day. I’m so thankful to work with other creatives that are so happy to serve my couples as well as I do and further more are a great support for all the vendors working together. It truly takes a village.

3. I created styling boards to bring with me to each wedding for a clean and crisp backdrop. This is the base of most of my detail images. The styling boards were a DIY project but you can also invest in professional style boards or mats. This is one of my favorite things I’ve added to my detail image process. My styling boards are two foam posters covered in a material I purchased at Hobby Lobby. I kept mine neutral since I add layers to them but you can create or invest in any colors.

4. I started a styling bag which I bring to each wedding. My styling bag contains ribbon, lace, cheese cloth, scissors, scrapbooking styled paper, silver serving trays of different sizes, & a textured gold placemat that I just love! You can create your own styling bag and include in that the best products that match your brand. I hope to add to my styling bag this year: vintage stamps, vintage ring boxes, and a few more cheesecloth colors.

5. In 2018 I wanted to enhance my detail images a bit more so I purchased these decorative glass boxes in silver and in gold. They add such an heirloom feel to the detail images and photograph beautifully. they also enhance your couples wedding bands and engagement ring. Such beautiful jewelry should be showcased as elegantly as possible in my opinion, it’s a huge investment for my couples not only just financially so why not show that off even more!?

These are 5 of the ways that I improved my wedding detail images and you can also. Styling my couples details is so much fun and I just love hearing about how much they love their detail images as much as I do. I even love when during the styling and enhancing of the detail shots the couples or members of the bridal party comment on how they always wondered how those images are achieved, some even acknowledge they didn’t realize all that goes into those images and are amazed at the process and planning. I hope this inspires and challenges you for your next detail session.

If you have questions or even would like to learn more about my wedding day preparation and how to’s please comment below and I am happy to share.

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