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Family Photos | Fall 2015

November 25, 2015

It’s that time of year again for updating family photos, mini sessions, and the end of the 2015 wedding season. I do my best to try and fit in family photos when I can but sometimes it’s impossible! I love what I do and I love serving my clients but sometimes that means putting my own family on the backburner and this year I refused to do that. Thank’s to my husband and sister in law we were able to get a few photos and I have some tips for you guys for planning your family sessions that you may have coming up or that you need to schedule. Don’t be like me and skip the family photos, make time and set aside savings if you have to. Make sure you do this, you will thank me in the future for making you!
The first question I get when booking the minis for my families is “what do we wear?”. Well, whatever you want! Don’t all wear the same color or be to matchy. I say to have texture and life in your clothing. Also don’t put the fairest of skin in a lite color. Children ulness extremely blessed with a tan shouldn’t be in white or cream. I know it’s cute on pinterest but it washes kids out and colors are so much more flattering for them. When I chose our outfits I picked out my favorite shirt and an outfit that I felt comfortable in and then I dressed my boys and my husband around me. They don’t care what they wear all they care about is that I lay it out for them and that the photos are quick. No matter what your outfits are remember the reason for doing the family photos. Years from now you won’t remember your outfits or the shopping you did to find them but you will remember the session and fun you had making the memories. The next biggest piece of advice that I can give to you parents is… let life be. It’s great when you can get your 2 year old to sit still and pose for all of those pinterst board photos you picked, if you have this child please take my two and return them once trained lol! The reality is that smaller kids like to do their own thing. They are pushing their limits and what child likes to sit still? Make it fun and work with a photographer that your family is comfortable with. You wouldn’t believe the noises and silly things I do and say to get my kiddos to smile and participate for my clients sessions. IT WORKS! It has to be fun and there has to be breaks… and maybe some promises of candy or treats. Don’t judge me!
When I deliver my families photos my hope as that when they are going through them there is one that we got that mom just had to have from her pinterest board, one that makes their hearts melt, & many that make them stop and appreciate how silly, goofy, serious, and independent their kids are. This is who they are RIGHT NOW. Embrace that! My kids were comfortable since Sissy and Nalan did the photos but they are still goofy as ever. Weston blinks in 90% of the photos and Mason is always looking anywhere but at the camera. There are always funny faces or hands/fingers where they aren’t suposed to be. What matters is that they 1. are doing this for me 2. they are being THEM. I love them for who they are and although a perfect family photo to some may be sitting still and posing perfectly but for me it’s those goofy boys with silly faces and a husband who sticks his tongue out in every third shot. They love me and they showed up and that’s what matters.
Here are a few from our session. Yes we trespassed but we didn’t hurt anyone and the No Trespassing sign was on the building not in the field. We also didn’t go near the train. Again, don’t judge me! Thank you again to my sister in law for snapping these for us! The one of Jon Alan and I is my new favorite!












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