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Ashland Virginia Oakdale Wedding Celebration | Justin + Erin

June 17, 2021

Erin and Justin were officially married in a small family gathering last year (you can view that gallery and read about that day here!) but this Oakdale wedding celebration in Ashland, VA was just as sweet and a whole lot of fun!  

I was super excited to finally get Erin & Justin’s family and friends together to celebrate their wedding. COVID really pushed everything out, but my brides and grooms have made the absolute best of it, and I’m grateful for the extra time I get to spend with them!

the celebration

When Audrey and I arrived, Erin’s team of bridesmaids were so helpful in making sure that everything was absolutely perfect! They had toasts and music playing in the bridal suite as they were getting ready and did whatever they could to keep Erin’s nerves at bay- giving her the best bridal experience. 

It was raining that day, but Erin and Justin made the best of it and embraced the changes that they needed to make, that included moving the wedding inside instead of being outdoors. Even with the change, it all turned out beautifully!

I knew getting those portraits outside were important, so we watched the weather and when we caught a rain break, we raced outside to capture those images they desired.

Even though they were already married, Erin and Justin wrote vows that they recited in the presence of their family and friends in their Oakland wedding celebration, and it was the absolute sweetest. 

The wedding party was a super fun bunch. The groomsmen were typical guys, quirky, and loved giving Justin a hard time. But their reaction to seeing Erin walk down the aisle revealed their soft side.

They had friends from all throughout their lives- from their childhood to college there and Erin and Justin took the time to take photos with those they hadn’t seen together in a while. 

the end of the night

The dance floor was one of the best parts of this celebration. Justin LOVED the dance floor and when we managed to snag some rain free sunset photo opportunity, we pulled him off the dance floor but he kept dancing outside. We even managed a super sweet moment of him and Erin dancing outside- just the two of them. 

At the end of the night, Justin and Erin left with a sparkler exit that we managed to do TWICE for some extra shots! I don’t know about you, but I think it was worth the second go around! 

All around, this Oakland wedding celebration was classic and elegant, and from what I could tell, everyone had the best time! 

Once again, CONGRATULATIONS Justin and Erin! Thank you for allowing me to capture this special day for you! 

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