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8 Ways to Help Your Photographer on the Wedding Day

April 24, 2020

We know that there is so much happening on your wedding day that sticking to your timeline is essential! We want to help you stay on track while getting the best photos for you to look back and reminisce with! Here is a list of eight ways you can help your photographer get those timeless photos!

Tip One:

The first way you can help your photographer is to have all the details you want photos of in one spot and ready to be positioned for the photographs. That way no one is scurrying around trying to find the flowers and the rings, and the shoes- taking time away from getting ready!

Tip Two:

The second way you can help aid your photographer is to make sure to keep the areas clear of clutter and trash! Good lighting can be elusive and disappear quickly, so to save precious time, make sure to keep the areas picture ready!

Tip Three:

A third way you can prepare the items for your photographer is to ask your florist to leave extra items from your floral designs to enhance the flat lay photos of your rings and shoes!

Tip Four:

The fourth way you can have things ready for your photographer is to ask your wedding designer if they have experience with flat lay designs and if they will start setting them up before your photographer gets there.

Tip Five:

A fifth way to help your photographer is to have two invitations set aside and readily available, including the envelopes!

Tip Six:

A sixth way that will be a definite help for your photographer is to update the family members that will be in photos the evening before so that they know what to expect. You can even ask the photographer to put your family list in order of what will be shot first and share the timeline with the members so they can be ready!

Tip Seven:

The seventh way you can help your photographer get the best photos might go without saying, but you never know- have your ring professionally cleaned so that they shine in the photos!

Tip Eight:

And finally, the last way you can help your photographer is to ask your DJ or Emcee to hold off on any lighting enhancements until after your formal dances! That way your first dance isn’t tinted in a blue glow.

Bonus tip: Pass this list off to one of your bridesmaids so that you don’t have to worry about a thing on this special day!

I hope these eight ways you can help your photographer will be incredibly helpful for you on your big day! Always feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


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Not getting married yet, but don’t want to forget these tips for the future pin this article to your hidden wedding board…I know you’ve got one! 😉

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