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Married to my first love, Momma of 2 (Mason and Weston). Dog mom to Tippon. North Carolina born but Virginia lover at heart. 

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Basic Invite | 30% Off

April 16, 2019

Basic Invite is a company that I am a partner with who do all things print. I absolutely love this company and their designs but even more I love their customer service. They are wonderful to not only me but more importantly to my people. This is very important to me and If you know me or have worked with me before then you know that I ONLY recommend or name drop the vendors or people that go above and beyond for my clients just as I do. It’s important to me that my people aren’t only being served and loved on by me but by anyone that they are working with. As a business owner this should be your top priority over anything else business. I have all of my business materials printed through Basic Invite and get so many compliments on the design and print quality. I would say about 99% of my clients order print materials through Basic Invite and equally love them as much as I do.

Basic Invite has thousands of designs for any special occasion or event and even businesses. If you want something more catered to your event, occasion, or business then they have something for you to! You can custom design ANYTHING or ask them to help you! They LOVE helping. Obviously from what I said in the paragraph above, they are pretty impeccable when it comes to anything you need. I was so excited when Kaytee reached out to me from Basic Invite and asked if I could do a styled lay flat of one of their gorgeous wedding invitation suites… Um YES! Kaytee sent me two options of the wedding invitation suites they wanted photographed and it was with no surprise that I feel in love with the Southern Romance Suite.

I instantly knew that I needed to reach out to Angie at Embellished Details for the florals, obviously she’s equally amazing and crazy talented. I’m thankful that she always says yes to my ideas and encourages me. Angie is able to bring her talent and design skill and add that something extra which always ends in perfection. Seriously you guys… she’s super crazy talented and her florals are so fresh and last FOREVER. She gifted me the flowers after our shoot and those lasted THREE weeks! Seriously, I have a black thumb and kill everything so I don’t know what magic she put into them but it totally worked. Thank you Angie for always spoiling me!

If you are looking for print materials for any occasion, event, or your business make sure to check out Basic Invite. They are even more wonderful for providing me with a custom created discount code so that my people and I can enjoy 30% off any order! Say WHAT!?!? 30% you guys!!! Since I am a partner with Basic Invite I do earn a small commission with no charge or added fees to you. So don’t wait, head over to their website here and start creating and playing with ALL the pretty designs. While you are there, check out these beautiful CLEAR business cards that I got.

Thank you to the following Vendors:

Basic Invite – Wedding Invitations

Embellished Details

Koyal Wholesale & YHC Wholesale – Velvet Ring Box

Charming Jewelers – Wedding Rings

Southern Romance and Embellished Details custom floras at their finest below:














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P.S. You should know that our adorable puppy Tippon totally destroyed the cream ring box about mid shoot and crunched the ring so it was clamped in half. I’m still mad about it but we were able to grab another velvet box (Thank goodness for backup styling gear) and unclamp the ring and managed to use that to… it wasn’t perfect but we made it work. Sneaky little fella snuck in between Angie and I during the shoot and snuck off with the ENTIRE ring box, I think he enjoyed it as much as we did. It took us a good half hour of searching for our missing pieces to realize he took it outside and used it for a chew toy. Thankfully he didn’t ingest all of the ring box or the ring! Whew that would have been a disaster.


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