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Married to my first love, Momma of 2 (Mason and Weston). Dog mom to Tippon. North Carolina born but Virginia lover at heart. 

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Shelby & Evan | East Beach Bay Front Club | Norfolk VA

September 14, 2022

That’s it. I’m moving to the beach and Shelby and Evan’s beach engagement session in Norfolk, VA is just one reason why. 

STAHPPPP!!!! Like seriously STOP IT! HOW how how am I this lucky? My couples are rock stars you guys! LOOK AT THEM! I already loved the ocean (anything water really) but you add my beautiful people at my happiest of places and wowzers we have a level of incredibleness I can’t even believe myself.

You know how it starts… “We’ve not had photos together before. We’re so awkward. We’ll need your help majorly”. Those lines.. yeah well these two nailed it every single time! I automatically know when a couple shares they feel like they are awkward and need my help. Instant magic and here is proof yet again of just that.

Shelby and Evan are the sweetest.

I absolutely appreciated that they both never complained about my five thousand and one million requests of “just one more” LOL. Come on, we all know one more in photographer terms is like ten more — minimum.

I loved that they were adventurous during their session and fully embraced the atmosphere and location. We had beautiful weather and cotton candy skies for days. Then it happened. The complete epic ness from Shelby’s request to get in the water and have some more dramatic and intense portraits done. SAY LESS! Sorry Evan’s Mom 😱

Another 2023 couple that I get to dote on and can’t wait to celebrate with next year. Thank you both for such a great evening and for being so kind and patient with me and the journey it took to get to you! Thankfully it was just a dying car battery. 😂

Now, keep scrolling for this absolutely perfect beach engagement session in Norfolk, VA; be prepared to crave the salty air and sand between your toes! 


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