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Creative Branding Photoshoot | Cakes In Art

March 19, 2021

I’m so excited to share this creative branding session with you all, and even more excited to showcase an amazing creative that I’ve experienced first hand!

Karen with Cakes In Art is phenomenal- as a person and as a creative. Her designs are crazy impressive and I’m just at a loss for how some of her creations aren’t real and are sugar! I wish I was this talented.

Karen is going through a website overhaul and reached out to get some new content of her yummy creations to update her look and information.

I absolutely love product and branding photography and sweets so this was a total win for me. I needed this creative outlet after being cooped up for so long, a person can only take so many photos of her dog ya know. 😉

Karen’s home office and tasting room is incredible, I instantly fell in love with the design/decor but all of the natural light just streaming through was HEAVEN. I brought a kit of styling props but Karen was a step ahead of me and gave me LOTS of new things to play and style with.

She is a dream for a photographer because she just provided me with all o the pretty and YUMMY things and let me run wild with ideas and designing. This is my favorite type of client.

the deserts

Not only are her deserts beautiful but they are delicious. At any wedding I’ve ever photographed/attended I have never had a couple run OUT of cake and guests were requesting third’s and fourth’s of servings! We’re not talking small cakes either!

So, you can imagine the joy I felt when Karen sent me home with goodies and I may have hidden them from everyone in the house so that I could have them all to myself… I eventually was caught and had to share but you know what… that’s ok.

My oldest son now wants to be my assistant so he can be the taste tester during shoots but little does he know that comes with carrying a heavy bag around before the reward!

Enjoy these creative branding photos of yummy cakes that ARE as good as they look- in fact, they’re even BETTER!

the Gallery


Virginia Creative Branding Photography
Virginia Creative Branding Photography
Virginia Creative Branding Photography

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