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Married to my first love, Momma of 2 (Mason and Weston). Dog mom to Tippon. North Carolina born but Virginia lover at heart. 

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Nicolle & Collin Libby Hill, Richmond VA

November 5, 2019

It all started with an Instagram DM. I love how you wind up somehow finding the “right” people by new unexpected opportunities. I guess I should back up a bit further to really set this story up right.

It all started with a styled shoot at Madison at The Mill in Orange County Virginia. That styled shoot ended with new friends, a new favorite wedding venue, & amazing images. What I did not anticipate was that a behind the scenes shot shared by the venue would be seen by Nicolle who would then start our story together with an Instagram DM. I loved how excited we both were, I remember going through her Instagram feed thinking how beautiful she was, how handsome Collin was, & how CUTE their pup Kudu was. They were TOTALLY my type. I knew instantly it would be a match made in heaven. I was so right!

Collin and Nicolle have the most amazing engagement story. I really felt like it was something set up in a romance novel and thought my goodness how amazing for this human to put so much thought and love into a proposal. I’ve read hundreds of these stories, you know the mushy romantic well thought and planned engagement stories, but THIS takes the cake. While in New Hampshire Collin took Nicolle on a boat ride. In the middle of the lake Collin stopped the boat during their talk about all things life and just being together. He asked her if she trusted him… of course, with my life she shared. It was then that Collin blindfolded her and a thousand and one questions started from Nicolle. All Collin would share was that the surprise would be worth it. When they arrive Collin lifts Nicolle off of the boat and takes her blindfold off where it’s revealed that her and Collin’s family along with Kudu are waiting for her. I should share that Nicolle’s family is not from the east coast and she doesn’t get to see them as often as they would all like. At this point she is overjoyed by seeing their families and is so thankful for this surprise but little did she know that wasn’t the only surprise Collin had up his sleeve. Nicolle turns around and there she finds Collin down on one knee, she couldn’t say yes fast enough and just jumped into his arms! Obviously she said yes but forgot to have him put the ring on haha.

August 2, 2019 is now Nicolle’s favorite day to date because after 6 years it was the day that he was truly ALL hers.

I am so happy to share that Collin and Nicolle will exchange their vows next year and begin a life as Husband and Wife. I’ll be there documenting their day and celebrating with them and their families. Did I mention they will be celebrating at Madison at The Mill? Icing on the cake! Thank you both for such an amazing time at Libby Hill Park in Richmond VA shooting your engagement session. I truly enjoyed our time and wish it were longer! I can’t wait for the wedding planning and the big day.
























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