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Married to my first love, Momma of 2 (Mason and Weston). Dog mom to Tippon. North Carolina born but Virginia lover at heart. 

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Mr. & Mrs. Vik | June 18, 2016 Wedding

June 28, 2016


“Above all things, have intense and unfailing love for one another”.
This was the ending to my Matron of Honor speech that I barely got through. Romans 12:10 is one of my favorite Bible verses and to be able to share this with those you love is truly a blessing. In that room as I gave that speech to a best friend, a new best friend, my supporter and cheerleader, family, a loved one, and any other word you want to place here meaning MY HEART. More than speaking these words to the Bride and Groom I hope that the other couples were also listening. Love is not easy, by any means. As I spoke to Tara and Lars during my toast and envisioned all of the ups and downs that have been experienced my tears fell as I relived every one of those emotions. Looking at this new commitment to one another and seeing their future, where others in that room had already been or are in right now or are headed into. The fighting, believing, loving, & strength that it takes. I see all of these things in Tara and Lars.
Weddings are always amazing. This day was more than that. I got to watch the intense emotions of Tara that morning and day. Most of it is a blur with all of the running around and wanting every single detail to be more perfect than any detail has ever been. Somehow her emotion and looking back on that morning and afternoon still sends chills down my spine. Tara and I are not easy people to love, at all. We know this. But when we love, we love harder than anyone could ever imagine. That emotion that I witnessed from her and felt myself was intense love to all degrees. It was the most beautiful and heart filling emotion that one could ever experience. This is a day that I will never forget. Here is how it went.
We woke up that morning and the first thing I did was Snap Chat a video of Tara. I’m always snapping photos or taking videos and I know it’s annoying but I have this need to document everything, so I did. Tara wrote her vows down as I copied my toast. Both of us starting to freak out at this point. The morning was actually pretty wonderful. I wasn’t nervous about giving my speech to Tara and Lars or even speaking in front of all of their family and friends. Tara wasn’t nervous about marrying her one and only and reciting vows in front of everyone they knew. We were both nervous because we love. We love so strongly that we consume ourselves with nerves worrying about the other person. Worrying about their happiness and well being. The only thing that Tara asked for that day was a hug from Lars. She said as soon as she could see him and hug him she would be fine. And so she was.
Tara and Lars did a first look, I’m so thankful for that. We all bawled like babies and that was a moment that was so special and important. It wasn’t needed to be shared with anyone else but them. Lars was taken away as we all knew he would be and Tara felt an instant calm take over her. It was exactly what they both needed. Those sweet photos of their first moment together up close and in the raw will forever touch their hearts. I think after the first look we all felt a little better honestly. Everything rolled out pretty quickly and it was then time for the first look with Tara’s dad. Talk about another tear jerker. Such a sweet moment and I know Ronnie appreciated the thought and moment that Tara planned just for them. It’s always that father daughter stuff that really gets to me. It was beautiful.
The ceremony was amazing. The bridal party and the family did so wonderful and the officiant Angela O’Connor was a peach! We could’t have asked for a better or more beautiful day. As the two of them recited their vows and tears fell you really did feel like they were the only two people in existence. I was surprised that Lars had memorized his vows, but then again that’s just him. He really is so wonderful. As they placed those bands and made a lifetime commitment to one another it was the beginning of their forever, and it was beautiful. Lars took his bride and dipped her for their first kiss and everyone cheered. As they turned to walk away I was honored to witness the two people who I have come to love dearly change right before my eyes. Husband and Wife.
The photos are amazing. I mean really really really amazing. We had phenomenal vendors that put their blood and sweat into this day and I know that Lars and Tara are so thankful, as am I. Every detail was so wonderfully designed and planned. The floral designs, the seating arrangements, the favors, the food, & the service. Everything was top notch and there wasn’t a person there that wasn’t taken back by how beautiful it was. As a wedding photographer I am so lucky to get to work and know many brides with very different styles each year. Tara’s taste is exquisite and romantic. When she asked me to do the photography how could I say no? This wedding was a dream! Amanda Veronee the florist has impeccable taste and design skill. I swear I could photograph her designs all day long! Amanda if your reading this, please let’s get together soon and make pretty pictures again LOL! I think we both fell in love with the venue that day. Early Mountain Vineyard in Charlottesville Virginia does not disappoint. The amazing views, the staff, and the wine! Everyone enjoyed the evening and Tara and Lars had the wedding of their dreams.
I wanted to say thank you to everyone involved in this special day. Family, friends, vendors, & staff. Everyone really was amazing and we were all so blessed to be apart of this day.
I have a few photos… ok a lot of photos to share with you. I can’t pick a favorite so don’t judge me. As always, if you or someone is planning your big day I would love to speak with you about being apart of your big day. I really do love weddings with all of my being. They are so wonderful.
Tara and Lars, I hope you had a great honeymoon. Thank you both again for including me in your lives and I am so excited to watch the two of you continue to grow. I’m excited for the good times that are to come and I’ll be there during the difficult times that will arise. Put your trust and faith in God and you won’t fail. Put your trust and faith in one another and in your marriage and you won’t fail. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and it is true what they say, don’t go to bed angry. I love you both and I hope that you are swooning over these photos just as much as I am. I literally can’t stop looking at them. Enjoy everyone!


Venue: Early Mountain Vineyard | Charlottesville, Virginia

Event Planner: Anna Burke Events

Florist: Amanda Veronee

Wedding Gown: Justin Alexander from Sealed with a kiss

Shoes: Kate Spade

Jewelry: Made in Mechanicsville

Invitations: Invitations by Dawn

Caterer: Roadside Chive

Officiant: Angela O’Connor

Signage, table numbers/prints: Gilded Paper Co.

Cake/Cupcakes: Pearls Bakery

Photographer: Arli Quinn Photography

Assistant Photographers: Audrey & Laura (Thank you both so so much!)


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