The Arli Quinn Photography Rebrand Experience

GAH! You guys! Have you seen the new website, blog, & social media sites? I still can’t believe my eyes. I am so excited that I finally have a “HOME” that actually feels like ME. Seriously, I look at my new branding and it finally showcases how I feel in my business and my style. My clients and my work are finally displayed as they should be. I could not have done any of this without Brandilynn Aines of Brandilynn Aines Creations. This girl is seriously amazing. Not only did she completly gut and totally change EVERYTHING, but she did it in TWO days. Crazy insane, and I love it.

I want to share my experience with those business owners out there who are wanting or needing to rebrand or even just start. Don’t be like me and skimp like I did the first time. That is a huge mistake and I promise the money you invest up front is going to be a lot less than what you lose in the end. This started when I wanted to add beautiful wedding images to update the old site, I sat there. I think I may have cried. My website was so far away from what my images deserved. It may have fit 5 years ago but that quickly changed. I thought, this is it. We are rebranding and investing and we are going to do it soon. I posted in a few groups and most of the people commented with similar designers. I won’t lie, I did inquire with a few. Many were way out of my budget, too busy, or just seemed to think getting back to me in a timely matter wasn’t important, BUT… yes there is a but. I didn’t let that stop me or hinder my excitement. I finally sent that final email to Brandilynn who was referred by several other people and when the response email came back I literally jumped and squealed. It wasn’t long after that we began the schedule of the rebrand and the launch. It seemed so far away but really it snuck up on me quick. This process with Brandilynn was actually fun. She explained everything to me, she took into consideration that things that I did and did not like. She respected me and my ideas, which I am so thankful for. She even took a few headshots of me for the new brand, how sweet was that!? Without anymore rambling below are a few of the new brand insprirations, photo as I mentioned is courtesy of Brandilynn Aines Photography (Thank you!). If you are looking to rebrand you may want to email her soon, she is crazy swamped. I can’t say thank you enough and please share every last piece of this new brand with everyone you know, I am so proud of it!





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