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10 Ways You Can Be a Valuable Second Shooter

May 9, 2020

Being a second shooter is an important job! While the main photographer is focused on the bride and groom’s classic shots, you can grab some of the candids that become treasured favorites! Here are ten different ways you can be a valuable second shooter!

To be a valuable second shooter- be on time! It is so important to map out routes prior to the day of the wedding and plan to arrive slightly early to make sure you account for any traffic or weather that may happen!

Check your gear! Make sure that all the lenses and camera’s you will need are cleaned the night before and that the cards are formatted correctly!

Communicate with the lead! Ask them specifically what their expectation is of you as their second shooter for the day, any must have shots, and angle preferences they may have. Overcommunication is not a thing!

Keep the timeline! Make sure you keep track of the time and give a five to ten minute heads up for when the next event is happening!

Shift your Mindset! Shoot the wedding as though you are the lead. Do what you would like your second shooter to do for you!

Be Prepared! Make sure your lead is hydrated and if dinner is late, hand them a snack to keep their energy up!

Corral the Family! Jump in and help keep track of the family list and get the members for the next photo ready to go!

Get Out of the Box! It seems like a no-brainer and so simple, but bring different lenses than your lead to give an alternate crop and angle. Lens Advice- I love using my macro so that I can get tight shots and I stay out of my lead’s way!

Lead Action Shots! It’s such a great idea to get some action shots of your lead in their zone- steer clear of just getting their backside! They can use them later on for social media and as a reminder of them doing what they love!  

Be the Runner! Anticipate what your lead might need for photos and get them before they ask. And even if they have to ask, make sure you’re running to get them! 😊

And always, always remember that you are such a great help!


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