Brought to you by Jonas | Jennifer & Shawn Engagement

I seriously LOVE shooting in the snow now! Who would have thought someone that hated snow would grow to love it!? Seriously! Jonas hit Virginia hard this past weekend and I was so excited when Jennifer & Shawn were up for their engagment session in the freezing beautiful snow. Thanks to Jennifer I am now rethinking my hair color. That girl is stunning! We were freezing but I had so much fun with these two. It is beyond amazing when you have clients that love you as much as you love them. I am so excited for their wedding this year (In warmer weather of course). I can only imagine the images they will create in warm weather since I’ve seen them knock it out of the park in freezing weather. I love when my couples interact normally and nerdy with each other, even if it’s at the expense of me. Sometimes I say things that my brain hasn’t had time to process but thankfully my couples know that I mean those things out of the goodness of my heart.
Jennifer has an amazing nact for her “dramatic” pose. This is in an amazing way. This is an editorial look that not everyone (including myself) can pull off. She nails it every single time and looks stunning doing it. Can’t wait to see her in her wedding dress (insert eeks and girly jumping here). Shawn is a great nuzzler as you can see in their images. It wasn’t just because they were cold. The nuzzle pose is a serious and very intimate pose. I love the outcome with each couple because everyone is so very different with it. Most of the time I ask my handsome grooms to whisper something to their sweet wife to be. Sometimes it’s something super quirky and I get belly laughs and other times I get heartfelt swooning. If you ask me both are awesome shots to capture. When my clients are comfortable with one another and especially in front of my camera, it makes for a phenomenal photo shoot. I was not dissapointed by a single shot from their engagement session!
Jennifer and Shawn (Clay as well), thank you so much for coming out in Jonas2016 and knocking it out of the park for your session. Not only just for that but for all of the kind words and actions you have shown to me in our short journey to now. I am so happy to know you both and can’t wait to join you on your wedding day with family and friends to capture your love once again. Below are a handful of my favorite images of Jennifer and Shawn, I hope you guys love these as much as I do. Stay warm friends!







Margaret & Darrenn | A Video Game Themed Wedding

I told you guy’s that this wedding was one you wouldn’t want to miss! I am still pinching myself thinking, did this really happen? What a fantastic fun and love filled day we all had. Wedding days are always hectic, there is always something or someone missing and the truth is… it wouldn’t be a wedding day without a little hustle and last minute things coming up. Everyone played a huge part and did such an amazing job for Margaret & Darrenn’s big day. It truly was a day about love and family. As you can see below, this was not a traditional wedding, there were no mason jars or burlap and lace. She did not wear white. The theme was not enchanted or whimsical. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE all of these styles and traditions, BUT! It’s nice to every once in a while get that ONE couple that stands out and just KNOCKS IT OUT OF THE PARK with being completely true to THEM. The theme was video games. She wore pink and black. They saw one another before their ceremony. There were lot’s of giggles during the ceremony (The best ceremony I’ve ever been to!). The key thing and most important meaning of this day was THEM. They were 100% true to themselves and to their families and friends. I can’t even begin to explain to you the love that exude from Margaret and Darrenn when they are around you. It’s like they have so much it just seeps out of them and is consumed by all that are near them. This couple in my eyes are the epitomy of a classic love story. Their love is like an old soul living the first day they met over and over. The sweetest thing was when Margaret handed me this notebook. I was like, ok what is this. She had told me they would be exchanging letters prior to seeing one another but I wasn’t expecting a notebook full of letters that she had written him through the year. HOW SWEET IS THAT!? Seeing their faces when they read the letters from  one another and hearing them say the exact same thing during reading them was remarkable. To top off this sweet couple and all of the wonderful things about them, Margaret’s grandparents anniversary is now their wedding anniversary. She wears her grandmothers ring also. When you think that a wedding day couldn’t get any more sentimental than that they do it AGAIN! As you walk into the reception hall you would have seen a projector screen and though to yourself ” Sweet photos of them from their journey this far”, NO! The projector was a surprise for her father during their dance. When Margaret was a baby her father recorded the two of them dancing. She played that very song for them to dance to and had the video playing during their dance. Not a dry eye was in that place let me tell you. I could go on and on about how wonderful and fun this couple and their families are but then we would be here all day long! I hope you enjoy my few favorites from their big day! To Margaret and Darrenn, THANK YOU! Thank you for inviting me and Audrey to spend the most wonderful day with you and for sharing your love, family, & friends with us. It was truly an amazing day and I can’t tell you what a blessing you both are to me. I wish you many many many years of good fortune and love. Also thanks for the Mario Brothers theme song that was stuck in my head for a week and three days LOL. I can’t wait to see you both soon and look forward to being apart of your journey and being able to share your story again. Until then my friends.


















Elyse and Kirill Gorin

Elyse and Kirill Gorin are married! We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day or a more beautiful venue. Cousiac Manor in Lanexa, VA is the quaintest venue full with never ending beautiful details. I was so excited when Elyse and I met. Watching her light up as she talked about Kirill and their special day was like experiencing your first love all over again. The wedding day did not disappoint. Beautiful bride, bridesmaids, handsome groom, handsome groomsmen, & beautiful details. I could have spent all day photographing Elyse’s amazing bouquet. I want to say thank you to Elyse, Kirill, their families, and friends for sharing this day with me. The love, faith, & encouragement that was shared in your day was uplifting, reassuring, and comforting. Below are a few of my favorite images, I hope you all will enjoy them as well. Elyse and Kirill, I hope you are enjoying your new journey so far and I wish you many blessings in your lives and in your marriage.