Baby it’s cold outside | Watts Maternity

Good evening everyone! Or good morning depending on where you are reading this. Non-the less I am glad you are here. I can’t wait to share with you this amazing session that we did in the SNOW! I am still on cloud nine about this. I know I have said this before, and I think it’s been a while… I HAVE THE BEST CLIENTS/FRIENDS ever! I’m not kidding. Julie, Bobby, & Cameron are always so awesome to work with and I am elated that they have included me in their journey as they have started to grow their family. I’m blessed beyond measure and they always make me feel so great and make me feel like family. Those are the best kinds of clients who feel more like family, I love that!

Julie messaged me in September. She tried to play it cool by talking about Cameron’s upcoming birthday photos and added at the end “are you still doing maternity sessions?”. REALLY!? HECK YES! GAH was my unprofessional excited response because I litterally couldn’t contain my happiness for the Watts family. Not only because they are beautiful and make beautiful babies but because I really enjoy spending time with their family. I can’t tell you the gender, it’s a surprise. I can tell you that this little one is going to be beautiful and over the moon loved, that is for sure! I told Julie that I was so happy she waited to tell me. I love surprises but I HATE waiting for them. Her waiting to tell me is so awesome because that means that I don’t have to wait long to meet the new baby.

We got rained out for one of our scheduled sessions. Working with everyones schedules and the holidays we decided to wait until January for this maternity session. It is actually perfect because Cameron was a summer baby and thos photos are amazing so this baby being in the winter we knew we would love having another season to show off. Sunday came and the message said : “Just realized it’s snowing outside!”. My heart jumped out of that bed before I could. All I could think was perfect huge fluffy snowflakes on that adorable bump of Julie’s. PLEASE SAY YES PLEASE SAY YES! Those were the thoughts in my head as I responded with ” I am fine with shooting and driving in the snow if you don’t mind snow photos…”. SHE SAID YES! Whew. My brain was racing with ideas and the location, mapping out in my head every inch of Crump Park that I knew and had dreamed of getting snow photos. We totally made them all happen. The Watt’s family is so awesome. They pretty much let my creative mind and talent run where it will and even better… they love it as much as me. I’m telling you guy’s they are perfect! I am beyond exicted for this little one to join us soon and get to spend more time with them. Ok and get in baby snuggles… can you blame me? lol.

Thank you again to the Watt’s family and Julie’s parents the MacKenzie’s for toughing out the snow with me. Julie’s parents are always so amazing during our sessions. Helping with Cameron and getting him to laugh and smile. I adore every one of them. Below are a few of my favorites from our session. I do hope you all love them as much as I do. I also promise that Cameron was totally fine and did not freeze 🙂 Enjoy, and stay tuned for the reveal of baby Watts coming soon.










Sedillo Family | Grant’s Newborn Session

You guys! I had the sweetest little newbie visit me last weekend. He was just as excited to see me as I was to see him! How do I know you ask? Well, he didn’t sleep a wink during his session because he didn’t want to miss a moment of hanging out with me. Those sweet baby blues looking at me the entire time, GOSH melt my heart! I love new parents, and Jake & Sara were so cute during Grant’s session. That new love never gets old. Listening to the coos and watching them all look at each other. My heart was so full. The blanket that Grant is laying on with the deer was no surprise. Daddy’s little man is going to grow up just like him, I can tell already. Sara is going to have her hands full with those two! Grandma made him that blanket and it was just beautiful! Newborn sessions always go way to fast for me. I could photograph newborns and their families all day long. So sweet. Grant, even though he wouldn’t sleep for me was the best baby. Already he’s so curious and loves watching everything. I’m excited to watch this little one grow and hopefully get to document their journey as a family, I’m also hoping for a baby girl in the future! Seriously Sara is beautiful and definitely needs a baby girl some day. Sorry Jake but I guess you and Grant are just going to have to invest in more guns LOL! Below you will find a few of my favorites. I hope you enjoy this cutie as much as I enjoyed spending time with him. Thank you again to Mom and Dad for sharing with me and starting my day out in the most perfect way.






Newborn Session | My Heart

I am so excited to share baby Gemma with you all. I was even more excited to see this family again! It’s been over a year since I last saw them for Marco’s newborn session and when I received the message from Christina that they had welcomed their daughter I was over the moon. How great is it for someone to trust you with their most precious baby? How great is it for someone to trust you with their most precious baby and then invite you back for baby two? That is the BEST compliment I could ever receive. This family is so special to me and I love that they trust me with their littles and their new moments.

I have photographer’s, parent’s, grandparent’s, and even people with no kids ask me all the time how and why I do newborn photography. With all of the weddings and couple portraits how in the world and why do you still do newborn photography? Simple. I love new love. It’s not about being too busy or not wanting to have one of my styles overpower the other. It’s all about the new love. From being first time parents to welcoming the second, third, fourth, or even fifth child. Every parent has that look when they see this blessing they have been chosen for. I absolutely love the moments between the families and their new babies. A mom that finally gets her baby girl, a dad that finally gets his baby boy, a couple that has been trying with no luck that FINALLY meets their miracle, a family that has been waiting months with moments of lost hope for their premature baby to come home, and siblings that aren’t sure what’s going on but they have this instinct of love and protection. All reasons of why I love new love. All reasons of WHY and HOW I make time for newborn sessions. It is not about filling a schedule or meeting an income goal. It’s so much more than that to me.

I adore taking the time with my newborns to make sure they are safe, loved, and snuggled. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love cute, squishy, new & lovable baby snuggles? That is the BEST part about working with my families with newborns (Thank you to all of you who share your blessing with me and also let me get my snuggle time in with them. You have all helped my baby fever tremendously). The first thing I say to a new mom and dad when I arrive and begin the newborn sessions is ” Do you trust me?”. Without gaining their trust neither they or I are comfortable during the session and that makes for an unenjoyable experience. I make sure that when I am contacted for a newborn session I answer all questions from the family and even give a little more information than they ask just to make sure that everyone is comfortable. I share with my families my personal experience in being a mom of two boys as well as my professional experience with newborn clients. I am happy to provide as many references that you need to feel comfortable, and trust me I have not had ONE complaint by my clients. I must be doing something right, right?

If you or someone you know is expecting, CONGRATULATIONS! I hope that you have a moment to contact me so that I can share my newborn website with you (it is not advertised but only shared with inquiries) and we can talk about your photography needs for your arriving or arrived little one. I pride myself in providing beyond amazing experiences for my clients along with beautiful memories they will fall in love with every time they look at them.

Thank you again to all of my families, you have all blessed me in ways I will never be able to thank you for. Here are a few images from this weekends newborn session, she’s beautiful isn’t she? I hope you all enjoy, and if you are wondering… yes I did get my baby girl snuggles in and loved every minute of it (Thank you Marco for sharing!).