Sedillo Family | Grant’s Newborn Session

You guys! I had the sweetest little newbie visit me last weekend. He was just as excited to see me as I was to see him! How do I know you ask? Well, he didn’t sleep a wink during his session because he didn’t want to miss a moment of hanging out with me. Those sweet baby blues looking at me the entire time, GOSH melt my heart! I love new parents, and Jake & Sara were so cute during Grant’s session. That new love never gets old. Listening to the coos and watching them all look at each other. My heart was so full. The blanket that Grant is laying on with the deer was no surprise. Daddy’s little man is going to grow up just like him, I can tell already. Sara is going to have her hands full with those two! Grandma made him that blanket and it was just beautiful! Newborn sessions always go way to fast for me. I could photograph newborns and their families all day long. So sweet. Grant, even though he wouldn’t sleep for me was the best baby. Already he’s so curious and loves watching everything. I’m excited to watch this little one grow and hopefully get to document their journey as a family, I’m also hoping for a baby girl in the future! Seriously Sara is beautiful and definitely needs a baby girl some day. Sorry Jake but I guess you and Grant are just going to have to invest in more guns LOL! Below you will find a few of my favorites. I hope you enjoy this cutie as much as I enjoyed spending time with him. Thank you again to Mom and Dad for sharing with me and starting my day out in the most perfect way.






Margaret & Darrenn | A Video Game Themed Wedding

I told you guy’s that this wedding was one you wouldn’t want to miss! I am still pinching myself thinking, did this really happen? What a fantastic fun and love filled day we all had. Wedding days are¬†always hectic, there is always something or someone missing and the truth is… it wouldn’t be a wedding day without a little hustle and last minute things coming up. Everyone played a huge part and did such an amazing job for Margaret & Darrenn’s big day. It truly was a day about love and family. As you can see below, this was not a traditional wedding, there were no mason jars or burlap and lace. She did not wear white. The theme was not enchanted or whimsical. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE all of these styles and traditions, BUT! It’s nice to every once in a while get that ONE couple that stands out and just KNOCKS IT OUT OF THE PARK with being completely true to THEM. The theme was video games. She wore pink and black. They saw one another before their ceremony. There were lot’s of giggles during the ceremony (The best ceremony I’ve ever been to!). The key thing and most important meaning of this day was THEM. They were 100% true to themselves and to their families and friends. I can’t even begin to explain to you the love that exude from Margaret and Darrenn when they are around you. It’s like they have so much it just seeps out of them and is consumed by all that are near them. This couple in my eyes are the epitomy of a classic love story. Their love is like an old soul living the first day they met over and over. The sweetest thing was when Margaret handed me this notebook. I was like, ok what is this. She had told me they would be exchanging letters prior to seeing one another but I wasn’t expecting a notebook full of letters that she had written him through the year. HOW SWEET IS THAT!? Seeing their faces when they read the letters from ¬†one another and hearing them say the exact same thing during reading them was remarkable. To top off this sweet couple and all of the wonderful things about them, Margaret’s grandparents anniversary is now their wedding anniversary. She wears her grandmothers ring also. When you think that a wedding day couldn’t get any more sentimental than that they do it AGAIN! As you walk into the reception hall you would have seen a projector screen and though to yourself ” Sweet photos of them from their journey this far”, NO! The projector was a surprise for her father during their dance. When Margaret was a baby her father recorded the two of them dancing. She played that very song for them to dance to and had the video playing during their dance. Not a dry eye was in that place let me tell you. I could go on and on about how wonderful and fun this couple and their families are but then we would be here all day long! I hope you enjoy my few favorites from their big day! To Margaret and Darrenn, THANK YOU! Thank you for inviting me and Audrey to spend the most wonderful day with you and for sharing your love, family, & friends with us. It was truly an amazing day and I can’t tell you what a blessing you both are to me. I wish you many many many years of good fortune and love. Also thanks for the Mario Brothers theme song that was stuck in my head for a week and three days LOL. I can’t wait to see you both soon and look forward to being apart of your journey and being able to share your story again. Until then my friends.


















Phillip & Audrey | Proposal

You guys! I am seriously melting over here right now. Tonight the most amazing moment happened. Phillip asked Audrey to share the rest of her life with him!? How romantic is that? I am so happy that she said YES. He was so cute and nervous, honestly so was I. It is always exciting when someone contacts you and asks you to capture a very special moment and milestone in their lives. My heart turns to mush when I hear the plans and stories of my couples. In this case it was even more melting because of WHO was being asked. This person is very special and dear to me. She is beautiful inside and out and no matter what I know that I can always count on her. The people that she meets and everyone in her life has always known or quickly learns how special and wonderful she is. This person has had a hard hand dealt to her and still has a smile on her face and a welcoming heart through any and everything. This person is so special to me and I trust her so much that I have even entrusted her with my business adventure. That’s right! This special and lucky lady that Phillip gets the pleasure of sharing the rest of his life with is Audrey! If you don’t know who Audrey is let me take a moment to let you know that she is the best assistant EVER! All of my couples love her and she brings so much joy and help to my clients as if they were her own!

Phillip contacted me and wanted to surprise Audrey and plan something out of this world for her when he asked her to spend her life with him. Instantly we started racking our brains and went straight to pinterest. We quickly learned and reminded ourselves how appreciative and simple Audrey is, she loves the small details and thought put into simplicity. So that is what we planned. A beautiful location that she loved and the handsome fella that she loved. Not to mention that sparkly beauty of a ring… THE RING! My goodness is it amazing! The plan took a little fibbing to her and sneakyness but it was worth every single one. The look on her face was priceless and I’ve never seen her that happy before. I actually got to take a glimpse of Phillip as well and let me tell you, love looks great on him as well. I didn’t get to hear what he said but I do know that she was surprised and taken back. I also knew she said YES… that part wasn’t so quiet LOL. I am so blessed to have been included in this moment with Phillip and Audrey. I am also so blessed to have been given this gift and eye of photography. There is no greater gift that I could give to the ones that I love other than the loving memories we create and share to look back on and fall in love over and over again.

This location is dear to me. The people who own the property are very dear to me. I was so honored that they allowed us to plan this and to share this beautiful life they have built. Thank you to the Vickstroms (and I love you all very much!). This is where Jon Alan and I were married and I am over the moon that Phillip and Audrey will also marry there. I was a little jealous that I didn’t get to take photos of my own wedding there so this makes my heart very happy! I couldn’t ask for a better life or a better family. I love you all with all of my heart. Phillip, welcome to the family. I am so excited for you to grow and create memories with us. I also apologize in advance for stealing your soon to be wife away almost every Saturday evening for our weddings. We are a package deal though LOL.

Thank you both again for including me and loving me. I hope you all enjoy their moment as much as we all did. How beautiful is this place and this couple?
















M & D | Engagement Session

I can’t tell you the excitement and strange noises I get/make when I get an inquiry for a wedding. Really, it’s embarassing! There is just something about love that I can’t contain my excitement about. Margaret was the maid of honor for a previous wedding that I photographed and I instantly remembered her from her awesome red hair and smile. Not to mention how much of a big help she was with the previous wedding! I am so excited that Margaret found her love and is now planning her own wedding, even more excited that she remembered me and asked me to be their wedding photographer. Key the giddy squeals and little dance here. Right away we scheduled the engagement session and Margaret asked a very familar and common question. ” Is the engagement session really neccessary?” YES YES YES a thousand and one times YES! She instantly understood and agreed when I explained the the engagement session is SO neccessary. I’m so glad that we did this, not only did they get to know me a little more and we got amazing images but it allowed me to really understand and relate to them as a couple. I just love them… they are so fun and very unique (and not the weird kind of unique the amazing kind of unique).

Here is why my wedding collections ALL include an engagement session and it can’t be removed:
Your engagement session allows me as your photographer, you, and your fiance time to bond and get to know one another. We have so much fun and are able to capture amazing photos, and who doesn’t need more photos showing how in love they are? This also allows for your groom to be comfortable in front of the camera before the big day. Can you imagine someone showing up to the most important day of your life and spends more time with you during that day than your own bride/groom who is following you around and has a camera on you every second? A complete stranger? AWKWARD! The engagement session allows us to break that awkward and uneasy day of meeting, it takes the stress away from your big day since we are now friends and you feel like I am apart of your lives now, AND we are able to have already worked out poses that you love or want to change up prior to the wedding photos. It’s like a trial run. I have so many brides that do the engagement and bridal sessions and are so happy that they did when they found little touches they wanted to change or add to their look. The more amazing you feel the more confident you are the more in love and happy you are. I just love confident happy people in love. Doing an engagement session also allows you to feel out your photographer and your photographer to feel the couple out. It is so important to be able to connect with one another and be comfortable. Believe it or not your handsome fiance will love having the engagement session photos to show you off and confirm what everyone already knew… he’s a lucky fella.

As soon as Margaret & Darrell stepped out for the engagement session I instantly knew it was going to be so much fun and include lots of silly faces and laughs. After I went to the wrong house (and met the sweetest older man who kindly pointed me in the right direction) we were able to break the ice and joke about that. I notice a lot about people, sometimes a little too much lol. With these two it was a lot of love and friendship. The playful banter, the flirty looks, & the constant closeness without me even asking! I didn’t have to advise or direct them on posing at all, they just fell right into their natural being. I was so in love with the back of my camera and couldn’t wait another second to get home and start editing the session. I love when that happens. We did the session on Margarets family land, there were two old vehicles on the property that we had to use as props and at first I was a little nervous but those turned out to be my favorite shots. I love when I second guess myself during a session and think MEH I’m not sure… and then it turns into something amazing. With the way these two were with one another just naturally we could have done photos in the middle of a desert and it would still be the most wonderful session all because of their love and connection. The wedding is this Saturday and the theme is video games, I have no doubt that this will be the most detailed and fun wedding I’ve ever attended. I’m excited to see how everything comes together and even more to witness these two commit their entire beings to one another. Stay tuned for the wedding photos but for now enjoy the engagement session!